Womble EasyDVD Review

March 29, 2010
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Review of Womble EasyDVD

Womble EasyDVD is a streamlined, easy-to-use DVD authoring program for those of us who don't want to deal with extraneous features and jargon that will leave us scratching our heads in confusion. Its step by step workflow and the self-explanatory functional layout makes DVD authoring as simple, quick, and intuitive as possible, enabling you to create your own DVD in a few clicks.

It is incredibly easy-to-use because it has simplified the DVD authoring process intosix self-explanatory steps.  Those who are new to the DVD authoring process are going to get the most of this program. But this is not to say that Womble EasyDVD is limited by its simplicity — imagine being able to burn two DVD titles onto a single disk, to convert MPEG video files to DVD movies, or to re-edit your movies to exclude unwanted scenes! And imagine being able to do all of this with the greatest speed and with no loss in quality!

Once you have all the elements added, you can preview your video, create the file and then, if you choose, burn it to disc or ISO. Conversion is relatively fast with Womble EasyDVD, and you can pause the process if you like. You can also save your DVD specifications as a template, to speed up the process in the future.

Click here to download the 30-day free trial(no watermark, no function disabled or crippled) or buy Womble EasyDVD.




Key features:

  • Simple workflow and intuitive UI
  • Edit out unwanted scenes with frame accuracy and minimal video re-encoding
  • Can merge multiple videos into one movie title
  • Can add multiple movie titles into one DVD
  • No re-encoding when converting MPEG video files into a DVD movie(in free dvd output size)
  • Full AC-3 audio encoder support
  • Extensible menu templates
  • Support multi-layer menu design
  • Add background music, image, and video to your menu
  • Can add intro video with First Play and End Action function
  • Can save your DVD menu design to the menu template list for future use.
  • Real-time video preview before DVD export
  • Shrink Your Video to Fit onto Different Media
  • DVD and ISO Burning
Support the following formats:
  • Video: MPG, MPV, MP4, VOB, MP2, AVI, ASF, DAT, QuickTime MOV, Panasonic VRO, REC, M2T, TS, RMVB, WMV.
  • Audio: MPEG Audio (MPA), WAV, Dolby Digital, WMA, RM, MP3


Buy Womble EasyDVD

Click here to read the guides regarding Womble EasyDVD

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9 Comments to "Womble EasyDVD Review"

  1. How to remove unwanted scenes from DVD movie without re-encoding? says... Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 6:40 am 

    [...] Womble EasyDVD is not freeware, but don’t worry because you can try it for a month, without any limitations(no watermark, no function disabled or crippled). You can free download Womble EasyDVD here. When you want to make a purchase you can save 30% off Womble EasyDVD by using the discount coupon here. You can also learn the other guides about Womble EasyDVD by following the links below: [...]

  2. How to add an intro video to DVD before the main menu shows up? says... Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 6:42 am 

    [...] menu when the play ends, and nobody will find the intro video on your menu page. Here we will use Womble EasyDVD to do this job. It is not freeware, but don’t worry because you can try it for a month, [...]

  3. How to put(combine, merge) multiple DVDs on a single DVD? says... Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 6:49 am 

    [...] Womble EasyDVD. It's not freeware, but don’t worry because you can try it for a month. You can free [...]

  4. How to create a basic DVD with Womble EasyDVD? says... Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 6:56 am 

    [...] guide will teach you how to create a DVD with a few mouse clicks. First of all get Womble EasyDVD which is a very good and intuitive authoring program. It's not freeware, but don't worry [...]

  5. Coupon – 30% off Womble EasyDVD says... Fri, 2nd Apr 2010 7:02 am 

    [...] Womble EasyDVD is capable of importing DVD movie and video files, performing some basic editing, composing a DVD-Video movie and burning them to a disc – or create an ISO image for later burning. It is one of the easiest-to-use software DVD authoring solutions on the market. Now you can save 30% off Womble EasyDVD at Guide-How.com. No coupon code needed–discount is automatically applied during checkout. [...]

  6. How to create DVD chapters in Womble EasyDVD? says... Mon, 5th Apr 2010 10:22 pm 

    [...] this is your first time to use Womble EasyDVD you might want to check a complete guide on how to use Womble EasyDVD to create your own DVD movie. [...]

  7. sivakumar says... Fri, 24th Jun 2011 4:37 am 

    How to create menu with only taps?  I want to create menu contains 15 Chapters  for a dvd in  a single page. How to do it?

  8. Arch says... Mon, 15th Aug 2011 6:43 am 

    Got to agree with Justin – tried a simple project but couldn't even load the video files – the program crashed EVERY TIME.

  9. J3 says... Mon, 24th Oct 2011 9:32 pm 

    This program is great!  Use it in conjuction with Video Wizard.  Only DVD program I've used that doesn't slow my computer down when editing and changing things.  And the preview is fast!  Deifinately a recommend.  Not sure why the others have issues with it, I just made my first DVD and it didn't crash once unlike a couple others I've used.

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