What is DVD authoring?

May 18, 2010
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DVD Authoring is the process of creating a DVD video from interactive content and graphics and burning the DVD video to a DVD disc which can be played on standalone DVD player. The interactive content and graphics in an authored DVD may include a starting logo, menu page(s), scene selection(chapters), a choice between 2-channel stereo or 5-channel surround sound,  an option to turn on or off your subtitles, and many other new features.

DVD authoring is usually done on audiovisual DVD discs as opposed to music discs and it is accomplished with the help of DVD authoring software. DVD authoring software allows you to group, edit the videos, create the menu system, and ultimately output the video files in the right DVD-Video format, then you can burn those files to a DVD disc, which can be read in any DVD player.

Check our DVD authoring guides.

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