How to remove unwanted scenes from DVD movie without re-encoding?

March 4, 2010
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In this guide I will show you how to use Womble EasyDVD to delete unwanted footage from DVD movie and then burn it back without any video quality loss. Womble EasyDVD is an excellent tool for small DVD edits or to author a new DVD from existing DVD footage, without the need for any re-encoding. So you don't have to wait to re-encode the whole movie and suffer the heavy quality loss for every little cut that is made.

Womble EasyDVD is not freeware, but don’t worry because you can try it for a month, without any limitations(no watermark, no function disabled or crippled). You can free download Womble EasyDVD here. You can also learn the other guides about Womble EasyDVD by following the links below:

Now transfer your DVD into your hard drive and insert the blank DVD disc into the drive. 

Step1. Run Womble EasyDVD, below is the main EasyDVD window. First we need to create a new DVD project. To do this, click "New" button in the Start stage, we will be forwarded to the Source stage.

Note near the top of the main window, there is a navigation bar consisting of 6 buttons, "Start", "Source", "Menu", "Preview", "Output" and "Burn". These buttons represent the various steps in DVD authoring. Only Start and Source steps are accessible when you start EasyDVD, and the other steps are disabled since the project is empty. As soon as you add video files to the project, those other steps will be enabled, then you can jump to any step by clicking on the corresponding button.

Step2. The Source stage is where you can add in your input video files, perform some basic editing if needed, and create chapter points. Before we add in our input video files, you might notice that there are actually two “Add” buttons here. Well, the top “Add” button(1), with the movie reel icon, is for adding what EasyDVD refers to as "Movies". The bottom “Add” button(2) with the film strip icon is for adding "Clips". A "Movie" generally contains one or more clips; and each clip can be a single video file, or a whole or a part of a DVD movie.

Here we click the top “Add” button in Movie Manager(the upper left window), check “Open DVD folder” in the pop-up Open window, then browse to DVD file folder and click Open .

Then the DVD reader window pops up and you will see all the titles and chapters. Notice that the first title has the longest time in duration and this is probably going to be the main movie you want to edit. Select the main movie and click OK.

Then the DVD movie will be loaded into Womble EasyDVD keeping the original chapter structure, you can see the 3 chapter points in the right video preview window(1). Also a movie reel icon named Movie 1 is added in Movie Manager window to represent the movie(2). You can change the default Movie name(Movie 1) into the real one by selecting “Edit label” in the context menu(or press ‘F2′ on the keyboard).

Note that if there are more than one main movie titles in DVD reader, you can select the first main movie title, click OK and load the first main movie into EasyDVD as Movie 1, then you can click the top "Add" button again and add the second main movie title into EasyDVD as Movie 2, you can repeat the steps to load more DVD movies. Now select the movie clip in the Clip Manager(1), drag the sliderbar(2) and preview movie in the right video preview window(3).

Drag the slidebar and preview the movie, press the Mark in button (or press 'I' on the keyboard)  when finding the beginning of the unwanted scenes, and press the Mark out button (or press 'O' on the keyboard)  when finding the end of unwanted scenes. You can use the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys to step forward or backward to get the exact frame. Since we have marked the segment to be deleted, now we press the Cut button to remove the marked segment.

Note here you can press "M" on the keyboard to add a chapter point wherever you want.

Step3. Now we go to Menu stage to add menus for the DVD. To quickly add menu for your movie, you can click  and select a ready menu template from the list. Or you can make your own one where you can change the background to a personal photo, add an opening video before the menu displays, reset the menu button style and so on. I am not going to get into details here, I will just use the first menu template from the list(1), but you can fool around on your own with the advanced settings. While Womble EasyDVD will do its best to detect whether your source is PAL or NTSC, you should check to make sure that the right settings are selected here(2).

Step4. When you’re done with the menu, click Preview at the top buttons. Here you can do a final check on the menu design before outputting a DVD folder. If you don’t like what you see, you can go back to the menu window to make changes, and then come back to check it again.

Step 5. When you are ready to export the DVD project, click Output at the top buttons. You will notice that there are some output options on the left.

Folder path is where you want to store the DVD video – the “Video_TS” folder will be created under the path you specify here.

Output size is either a single layer or a dual layer disc – this option is useful when you want to reduce the size of the DVD movie to fit a DVD Disc(Please note Womble EasyDVD will either re-encode your video/audio to reduce the file size or it will do a “stream copy” which means the quality stays the same. You cannot “increase” quality by choosing the 7.92 GB option for a single layer project).

Action after export is to define the action to execute after export completion – if you want the editor to automatically start burning your DVD after finishing the authoring process, you can set “Start DVD burning” as the “Action after export”, but here we will just use the default setting(None) in case of disc waste.

Note at the bottom of the window there is a project encode map – the blue area shows the part of the video that won’t need re-encoding (stream copy), the red areas is the parts that need to be re-encoded. See the screenshot below, we will export the DVD without re-encoding.

Once all that’s done, click on the “Start” button to start the authoring process and sit back and wait.

Step 6. After finishing the export, you can preview the exported DVD folder using a DVD player software such as WinDVD or PowerDVD. If everything worked great, then you can click Burn at the top buttons to enter the final step of your DVD project workflow.

In the Burn stage, change the folder path to where you outputted your DVD files (should be selected automatically for you), and then choose your DVD burner(You may also choose to output to an ISO file for later burning) and then click on the Burn button to start burning your DVD video to a DVD disc. For the burning speed, it is recommended you burn at the slowest speed available to minimize the burning errors.


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    This does NOT work for already ripped movies or videos from dvds

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