Put DVD movie/video file onto iPod with PQ iPod Video Converter

November 15, 2009
Filed under DVD/video to iPod

The following is a step-by-step guide for dummies, and you will find that, actually, it only takes one or two clicks to get a high-definition iPod movie.

Tool: PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite

1: Put the DVD you want to convert into your DVD-ROM drive and start PQ DVD to iPod Video suite.

2: Click the red button "Open", and select "Open DVD" ( select "Open Video File" if you want to convert video file ) in the pull-down menu. Now browse to the DVD file(or the video file) you want to convert and click OK. Thus the DVD(or video file) will be imported into the converter.

3: Click the red button "Open", and select "Set Output Filename & Location in the pull-down menu, then choose the particular output path for your converted DVD(or video).

4: Now click "Record it" if you want to convert the full-length DVD movie( or video). To convert a segment of the DVD(or video), you can set start point and stop point to select out the segment you want to convert and then click "Record it".

5: When the work is done by the converter, you can find the converted mp4 format iPod video and add them to your iTunes.


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