How to create a basic DVD with Womble EasyDVD?

November 15, 2009
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This guide will teach you how to create a DVD with a few mouse clicks. First of all get Womble EasyDVD which is a very good and intuitive authoring program. It's not freeware, but don't worry because you can try it for a month. You can free download it here. You can also learn the other guides about Womble EasyDVD by following the links below:

Now insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD writer and run Womble EasyDVD.

Step1. Click "New" to create a new DVD project, and this will bring you to the Source stage.


Step2. The Source stage is where you can add in your input video files, perform some basic editing if needed, and create chapter points.

Before we add in our input video files, you might notice that there are actually two "Add" buttons here. Well, the top "Add" button, with the movie reel icon, is for adding what EasyDVD refers to as "Movies". The bottom "Add" button with the film strip icon is for adding "Clips". A "Movie" generally contains one or more clips; and each clip can be a single video file, or a whole or a part of a DVD movie.

- Add movie

Now click the top "Add" button and add your movie(Here we add two video files with the help of Ctrl key). "Open DVD Folder" can be checked if you want to add a full VIDEO_TS folder, with DVD files ready to use. After adding the video files, an icon named Movie 1 is added in Movie Manager window to represent the movie(You will also see your video clips added in the Clip Manager window). You can then right click on the movie icon to edit its lable. If you want to add more clips to this movie, click the  "Add" button in Clip Manager window and then add more video clips.

add movie

EasyDVD treats each movie as a separate Title on the DVD(A DVD 'Title' is generally a logically distinct section of a DVD-Video. For example the main feature film on a DVD might be Title 1, a behind-the-scenes documentary might be Title 2 and a selection of cast interviews might be Title 3. There can be up to 99 Titles on any DVD).

If you want to add the second Title, just click "Add" button in Movie Manager and follow the steps again.

- Trim unwanted scenes if needed

If you want to remove some scenes from one clip, you can select the clip icon in Clip Manager window, use Mark in and Mark out button to mark an unwanted segment, then use the Trim button to remove the segment.

simple editing

- Set chapters

Now you can add chapters to your movie so that you can easily watch the part you want. By default EasyDVD treats each clip as a chapter. Click the movie icon in Movie Manager window, you will notice there are yellow-colored marks along the top edge of the video player's timeline slider, which represent the chapter points of the movie. To change this, you can click the movie icon in Movie Manager window and then press "N" on your keyboard. In the pop up window, you can specify a different number of chapters or chapter length value.

add equal length chapters

Or you can press Add chapter button(or 'M' on the keyboard) to manually add chapters for this movie.

add chapters

Step3. After finishing with chapters, click Menu at the top buttons.

To quickly add menu for your movie, you can click template list and select a ready menu template from the list. Or you can make your own one where you can change the background to a personal photo, add an opening video before the menu displays, reset the menu button style and so on. I am not going to get into details here, but you can fool around on your own with the advanced settings.

menu edit

Step4. When you're done with the menu, click Preview at the top buttons. Here you can do a final check on the menu design before outputting a DVD folder. If you don't like what you see, you can go back to the menu window to make changes, and then come back to check it again.


Step5. When you are ready to export the DVD project, click Output at the top buttons. You will notice that there are some output options on the left.

Folder path is where you want your output DVD folder to be present – the "Video_TS" folder will be created under the path you specify here.

Output size is either a single layer or a dual layer disc – this option is useful when you want to reduce the size of the DVD movie to fit a DVD Disc(Please note Womble EasyDVD will either re-encode your video/audio to reduce the file size or it will do a "stream copy" which means the quality stays the same. You cannot "increase" quality by choosing the 7.92 GB option for a single layer project).

Action after export is to define the action to execute after export completion – if you want the editor to automatically start burning your DVD after finishing the authoring process, you can set “Start DVD burning” as the “Action after export”, but here we will just use the default setting(None) in case of disc waste.

Once all that's done, click on the "Start" button to start the encoding and authoring process and sit back and wait.


Step6. After finishing the export, you can preview the exported DVD folder using a DVD player software such as WinDVD or PowerDVD. If everything worked great, then you can click Burn at the top buttons to enter the final step of your DVD project workflow.

In the Burn stage, choose your DVD burner(You may also choose to output to an ISO file for later burning) and then click on the Burn button to start burning your DVD video to a DVD disc. For the burning speed, it is recommended you burn at the slowest speed available to minimize the burning errors.



Note: You should save (update) often to protect your current working project from any accidental loss, this can be done by clicking on the upper left of the software and choosing Save in the drop-down list.

You should save (update) often to protect your current working project from any accidental loss, this can be done by clicking on the upper left of the editor and choosing save in the drop-down list.

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    First of all I just want to say how awesome this program is! Its great and easy to use. Thank you so much for this guide.
    I just want some help on this problem that I have with this program. While on the Source page when I right-click on a 'Movie' there is a display called End Action. I find it quite useful but sometimes it won't work. Like for example when I made a deleted scenes section I had to set one of the scenes(Movie 3) to go back to Page 3 of the deleted scenes section. When I play the DVD and play a deleted scene it leads me back to Page 1 (Main Menu). I am most certain that I have had all the settings right on the Source page but its not working.
    Could you please help me?


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    I have tried several times but can not get the menu shows up as a grey background with red highlights any idea. Works on our pc at work not at home confused..

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    when i get to the output step it doesnt do anything and i was getting realy excited for this -_- it didnt work

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