How to create a custom DVD with ConvertXtoDVD?

March 1, 2010
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ConvertXtoDVD is a well known, award winning dvd authoring software that makes it easy for you to convert any video file and author your own DVD, create personalized menus with many templates, add subtitles, add effects to your videos and burn them directly to DVDs. In this guide we are going to show you how to create a custom DVD using the program. You can free download ConvertXtoDVD trial  or buy it now(15% Off). Just install and run it so that we can move on with this guide.

Step1. This is the main ConvertXToDVD windows. May seem a little too basic now but you'll soon see how efficient it can be. For the beginning lets go to "Settings" -> "General".

First we will set the working folder, which is the folder that ConvertXToDVD will save the DVD files before burning them to a DVD. Make sure that the drive that the folder is in has many GBs of free space and set the working folder.

In the "Chapters" tab you can create Chapters in each Titleset for easier browsing them. Default value is 5 minutes for titlesets longer than 15 minutes. A chapter is an invisible mark in the video that helps you navigate through the film as you are watching it.  Instead of fast-forwarding to a specific point you can jumpat intervals, these intervals are chapter points that you can determine here.

"Create Chapter every" allows you to automatically insert a chapter every X minutes or seconds.  M = minutes, S = seconds. If unchecked, no chapters will be added automatically. Always a chapter point will be created at start of file. You can not delete this first one. In the main interface (Tree View) you can later manually add more chapters at specific places.

"For titleset longer than" means the program will insert a chapter at the value indicated above only if the video is longer than the specified duration. Always a chapter point will be created at start of file. You can not delete this first one ! For example this means that no additional chapters will be added if you would add a video that is only 10 minutes long, e.g. suitable for music video clips.

If you uncheck both settings and use the Add function to make 1 or more Titleset(s), you will end up with a DVD with one or more Title(s) and only a chapter point at start of each Title.

Next in "DVD specification" tab you can select between PAL (for Europe) and NTSC (for US and Asia), as well as adjust the video resolution just in case you want to do this. Default values are ok however.

Step2. We are back to the main windows and its time to add some file to our DVD. To do so, simply click on the green cross button (1) and select the video files you want to convert. You’ll have then a video file list on the program’s interface. ConvertXtoDVD will automatically create a DVD menu and each video file will become a separate titleset (2).

Since a DVD disk has certain space the more files you add the worst the quality of the final DVD will be since ConvertXtoDVD will encode them to fit in a single disk. Therefore you can have a look at the "Conversion advisor" (3) to see what the quality will be. For about 1h 30m of video quality will be excellent. For less than 3h you will have pretty good quality. You can watch the movie without any problems.

Step3.  ConvertXtoDVD comes with many menu templates. To get to the list of menu templates, click the + beside DVD Options (1) , you will see a "Template Now Used" option first(2).

Double click "Template Now Used" option and you will notice a select box will appear. Click the box and you will have the full list of available menu templates from ConvertXtoDVD (3). Here you can change the template used for your project. To do so, you can scroll through the list of available templates, select one preferred template, then click on the green check-box to apply the template. Note the template selected will be used for all Titlesets in this project. If you don't need DVD menu, you can select "No menu" from the menu template list to disable the current menu.

Step4. Click the + beside DVD Options (1) to reveal all options for the Menu item. Lets see the options one by one. First you can edit the text which will be shown at top of the title menu by double-clicking on it and setting the name (2). Next, you can customize the Menu with fonts and your music and background image if you want (3). You can also select how the DVD should behave by setting DVD play options (4):

* Auto-start Playback: If this is selected the menu will be skipped when the disc is inserted into a DVD player, the menu will be shown after the Title.

* Loop playback: Instead of going back to the Title Menu when the last Title (video) on the disc has finished playing, if this option is selected you will be returned to the first Title (video), instead of the Menu.

* Play titles one after the other: With this option selected, each Title (video) on the disc will play sequentially, that is when the first is finished, it will automatically play the second and so on, without going back to the Menu.

* Skip root menu initially: The Menu that will display when you insert the DVD is the "Title Menu". Each Titleset (video) also has its own "Root Menu". If this option is selected, then you will bypass the Root Menu when you select a video on the Title Menu.

* Return to the title menu after titleset playback: This is closely related to the above setting. In this case, one a titleset has finished playing, it will return straight to the Title Menu and bypass the Root Menu altogether.

* Don't create title menu for single video: If selected, any DVD you are making with ConvertXtoDVD that contains just one video will not have a Title Menu at all, as it really doesn't require a Menu.

Step5. Right next comes the video properties. First in the Titleset menu you can add thumbnails of each Titleset for easier and faster access to them. By default the thumbnail will be taken from the first frame of each video. However you can change this by double clicking on the thumbnail option (1).

You will notice the audio of each video has been automatically imported (2) as ConvertXToDVD supports almost all formats. But you can also add you own audio (for example commentary) by right-clicking on Audio and selecting Add Audio. You can also click on each audio channel and set the language.

Then we move to the subtitle settings. If you had the subtitles in the same folder with each video file and they also have the same name they will be automatically inserted (3). If you don't, right click on the "Subtitle (0 stream)" and browse to where you keep them.

Finally you can review the Chapters (4) and add more if you like as well as edit the Titleset name which is what will appear in the main menu as the title of this video. Follow the same steps to configure all your videos and move to the next step.

Step6. We are finally ready to convert. You may want of course to see how your final DVD menu will look like. To do this click the Preview button (1) and you can take a look at the whole DVD, including the menus in the Video Preview Window (2). If you are satisfied with the result click Convert (3) to start the converting process!

Step7. When the conversion is over you will be prompted to insert a blank DVD disk in your DVD burner and the burn process will start.

Finally burning finishes and your new DVD is ready for your player. Enjoy!

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