How to author and burn DVD using MPEG Video Wizard DVD?

April 11, 2010
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MPEG Video Wizard DVD is a frame accurate MPEG editor which comes with DVD authoring and full AC3 audio support. You can free download it here

Now insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD writer and run MPEG Video Wizard DVD.

Step 1. Add video files

Run MPEG Video Wizard DVD, the screenshot is as below.

MPEG Video Wizard DVD screenshot

To add one or more video file(s), simply drag the video file(s) from Windows Explorer and drop it(them) onto the video track(the first track of the timeline). You can add your video files one by one to keep their order on the video track, or you can drag all your video files onto video track at one time, then click and drag clips around within the video track to adjust their order.

add video clips

Step 2. Add chapter markers

If needed here you can do some editing to your video clips such as applying filters, adding special effects, editing out some footage, etc..

Now we will add chapter markers to the videos. Chapter markers, also known as chapter points, are reference points used to index a DVD movie as you are watching it. Instead of fast-forwarding to a specific point you can jump at intervals, these intervals are chapter markers that you can determine here.

To add Marker for all video clips, press the 'N' key on the keyboard, the editor will add a marker at the beginning of each clip for all clips on the video track. The chapter markers are displayed as red-colored marks along the top edge of the timeline.

add chapter points for all clips

You can also manually add chapter markers here. Drag the edit line to navigate through al the video clips and preview video in the Output window. When you find the frame with which you want to start a chapter, click the "set/clear marker" button or press "M" key on the keyboard to set a chapter point. Repeat to add more chapter markers.

set chapter points

Step 3. Add DVD menus

Click the "DVD" button on the right timeline toolbox, the whole project will be loaded into the DVD editor window. In the DVD editor window, we will add menus to the DVD. If you don't need DVD menu, you can move to Step 5 now.

dvd editor window

To create the menu, you can use one of the built-in menu templates, and then customize menu by changing background image/music/video, editing text and so on. Now right click on the "Menu" icon, and select "Template…", then a window opens with a list of available menu templates. Select one preferred template, then click "OK" to apply the template.

apply a template

MPEG Video Wizard DVD provides the maximum flexibility for us to customize the menu, you can edit all the items on the menu page where you can change the background to a personal photo, add an opening video before the menu displays, reset the menu button style and so on. I am not going to get into details here, but you can fool around on your own with the advanced settings. Just remember most of settings can only be accessed by righting clicking on that item.

edit menu

Step 4. Preview

When you're done with the menu, click "Preview" at the top buttons. The Preview window lets you do a final check on the menu design before starting an export job. If you don't like what you see, you can go back to the "DVD" window to make changes, and then come back to check it again.

preview dvd
Step 5. Output DVD folder

Now we are back to "DVD" window and select a Output size. Output size is either a single layer or a dual layer disc – this option is useful when you want to reduce the size of the DVD movie to fit a DVD Disc. Please note MPEG Video Wizard DVD will either re-encode your video/audio to reduce the file size or it will do a "stream copy" which means the quality stays the same. You cannot "increase" quality by choosing the 7.92 GB option for a single layer project.

select output size

Before starting the export job, you may want to check the encoder settings by pressing the encoder button near the lower right corner of the DVD editor window. Here you can check and set the encoder settings for each of the video title.

set encoder settings

Once all that's done, click on the "Export" button. In the Export window select a Output folder where you want your output DVD folder to be present – the "Video_TS" folder will be created under the path you specify here. If you check the box "Start DVD burning after export" here, the burning process will automatically start when finishing the exporting process.

export dvd folder

Step 6. Burn DVD folder to DVD disc

In case you didn't check the box "Start DVD burning after export" in last step, you can use the DVD Burning Tool included in MPEG Video Wizard DVD to burn the exported "Video_TS" folder to a DVD disc.

To open the DVD Burning tool, click the "Tools" button on the Toolbar and select "DVD Burning Tool" from the menu.

open dvd burning tool

In the Burn window, change the folder path to where you outputted your DVD files (should be selected automatically for you), and then choose your DVD burner(You may also choose to output to an ISO file for later burning) and then click on the "Burn" button to start burning your DVD video to a DVD disc.

burn video-ts file


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